Specification for pump truck piping operation

DATE : May 18th, 2023
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About the pump vehicle pipeline operation standard today Xinxiang Dongfeng Xinda Heavy Industry Limited or take you to understand the details, concrete pump truck manufacturers for you to share more relevant knowledge are available through our website for detailed understanding.

The main principle of the pump truck pipeline is to use high-strength ceramic material to protect the inner wall of the pipeline, at the same time, the principle of dynamic mechanics is used to optimize the pipeline, so as to reduce the wear of material on the pipeline to a large extent.

1. After the new pipe is replaced, the pressure can be increased by 2-3 mpa to avoid clogging, and the pressure can be restored to normal after the transportation of 3000-4000 cubic meters.

2. When conveying macadam concrete, the first 3000 square not full pipe discharge, so that the material in the pipe not more than 40% .

3. During the material, play a few more empty pump, you can effectively avoid blocking the pipe.

4. After the completion of the operation, the pipe should be all the concrete output, and then the pipe for a flushing, the use of sponge ball is strictly prohibited, so as not to cause blockage.

5. When the pipe is blocked, it is not suitable to hit the pipe hard. The reverse running method can be used to eliminate the pipe blockage.

6. If there are conditions, it is recommended to connect the whole pipeline to another pump to dredge it. If conditions do not have, can remove the arm 90-degree elbow, Knock 3m straight pipe, will plug the concrete pipe out.

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